Q Plus Intertrade Co., Ltd. is a distributor for consumers. We want our customers to have good products in their kitchen, so we established “Sutharos” brand, which having more than 100 items, both organic and natural products, to any household. Which is divided in the product category of:

     - Ready to Cook Thai Food

     - Spices

     - Thai Herbs

     - Dried Thai Herbs and Spices

     - Infused Oil

     - Thai Curry Paste

Which are both available in domestic and export to worldwide.


How Sutharos was chosen as the brand.

Sutharos is combined with 2 words "Sutha" and "RosSutha means The Land, land that we grow up the raw material on our land. Ros means The Taste. Sutharos means the taste from land which is slogan says Sutharos "The Taste of Thailand"

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